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Report a Fault

SP AusNet customers can assist us by reporting any faults that they observe in our gas or electricity networks. For your safety, please stay clear of fallen or damaged powerlines and infrastructure, and suspected faulty gas pipes, and keep out of electricity easements.

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How Energy is Delivered

Read more about how energy is delivered to your home or business, and the role that SP AusNet plays.

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Customers > Smart Meter Roll Out

Smart meter imageThe Victorian Government requires digital electricity meters, known as ‘smart meters’, to be installed in all Victorian households and small businesses across the state. The new meters replace ageing mechanical technology with a smarter electricity network and bring about a range of benefits for consumers.

About 2.5 million mechanical meters are being replaced, with SP AusNet installing more than 700,000 new digital electricity meters at premises across northern and eastern Victoria.

Also known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), the smart meter program is the biggest investment in Victoria's electricity network since the introduction of poles and wires. Some of the benefits of the AMI program include:

  • Better access to electricity consumption information – available in real time, empowering customers to understand and manage their energy usage and bills as they choose
  • Remote meter reading – improves accuracy of customers’ bills by minimising estimated readings
  • Faster connection and disconnections when moving home – reduces costs of relocating and manual meter reading.
More information about the program is available through the following buttons:
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Click here to read more about our smart meter customer energy management portal, myHomeEnergy.

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